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Dessert Choices by Melissa

Wedding Cakes

We believe that your Wedding day is your commitment to each other and to God the creator for the rest of your lives.   That is why we take our time when it comes to designing your cake.  We listen to your desires and reach far beyond what you could have hoped for.  Contact Sweet Cakes today to discuss your Wedding Cake Designs.  It is our Delight to help you achieve cake success on your Wedding day!

Celebration Cakes: Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Smash Cakes, Bridal Showers and Coporate Events

There is so much to celebrate in this life, Celebrating with Dessert just makes those celebrations Sweeter!

More than just cakes

Not everyone wants a cake for the special Occasion, well good thing you decided to look into Sweet Cakes by Melissa.   Not only does Melissa make wonderful cakes but she has a lot of other wonderful surprises lined up!

Make sure to stop in Daily!

Not matter your dessert preference Sweet Cakes has something just for you!   Make sure to stop in Daily for the Daily specials and Cheesecake by the Slice!  Or ask Melissa to make something just for you!

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Desserts make events special, and bring lots of smiles and laughter. You have never seen a grumpy person with frosting on their cheek. Right?

We have more than just cake for your special event or occasion.  You can special order pies, cheesecakes, specialty desserts and so much more.   Contact us today to find out the possibilities.

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