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Not all cakes are created equal.   Sweet Cakes makes that apparent by offering several options.  If you don’t see what your looking for make sure to contact Melissa at

Sweet Cakes can help you with designs and flavor combinations to help your cake be the talk of your celebration!

Special Order Cakes

  • Sweet Cakes Specialty Cakes
  • $25.00 & Up
    • 3 Layer Cake with Filling, any Flavor
    • 4 Layer Cake no Filling
      • 6″   Cake $25.00
      • 8″   Cake $49.99
      • 10″ Cake $79.99

~Signature Cakes by Melissa~

Cakes Not For Kids

Kahlua Mudslide:  Chocolate cake soaked with vodka, baileys and kahlua, filled with a french vanilla cream


Yummy Cakes and Filling Combinations:

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry cake:  Delicious chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache and fresh strawberry filling.

Red Velvet:  Moist red velvet cake with a classic cream cheese filling (can add dark chocolate ganache for $5.00)

Boston Creme Pie cake:  Rich butter cake with chocolate ganache and french vanilla cream filling.

Raspberry Cream cake:  Rich butter cake with a french vanilla cream and a fresh raspberry filling.

Blackberry Cream cake:  Rich butter cake with cream cheese and  fresh blackberry filling.

German Chocolate:  Moist chocolate cake with a creamy coconut pecan filling.

White Whisper cake:  White chocolate cake with a french vanilla cream and fresh blueberry filling.

Pina Colada cake:  Poppyseed cake with french vanilla cream and pina colada filling. (contains coconut)

Big Red:  Red velvet cake with rocky road filling. So good! (contains nuts)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup:  Chocolate Grooms cake with whipped peanut butter filling.

Marionberry Cheesecake:  Butter cake with a combination of white chocolate cream filling, homemade marionberry filling, and a marionberry cheesecake filling.

Carmel Apple cake:  A light taste of apples and spice cake with a carmel cream filling consisting of fresh apples in a secret sauce. YUM!!

Strawberry Shortcake:  White chocolate butter cake filled with white chocolate or french vanilla cream and fresh sliced strawberries.

Pink Champagne cake:  Light champagne flavored cake with a white chocolate cream filling and fresh strawberries.

Orange Chocolate Chunk cake:  Orange cake with chocolate chunks filled with a chocolate fudge and homemade buttercream.

After Dinner Mint cake:  Moist chocolate cake with chocolate chunks in every bite, filled with chocolate mint.

Spiced Pumpkin:  Moist pumpkin cake with a cream cheese and raisin filling.

Strawberry Poppyseed:  Poppyseed cake with white chocolate cream filling and fresh strawberries. (seasonal)

Chocolate Cream Heaven:  Moist fudge/chocolate cake filled with a delicious cream cheese.

Chocolate Coconut cake:  Chocolate cake with layers of delicous coconut filling and chocolate fudge filling. (if you enjoy Mounds candy bars, you will like this)

Toffee Crunch:  White butter cake baked with tons of toffee bits and filled with chocolate ganache and carmel cream.

Banana Cream Delight:  Banana cake with vanilla custard filling and fresh bananas.

Heavenly Banana:  Banana cake with french vanilla cream and cream cheese filling.

Chocolate Banana cake:  Banana cake with layers of chocolate cream and chocolate ganache, topped with fresh bananas.

Mocha Craze:  Tuxedo cake with mocha filling.

Lemon Berry Delight:  Delicous lemon cake with large, fresh blueberries, filled with a yummy light lemon cream and blueberry combination.

Chocolate Cinnamon Ribbon cake:  Light cinnamon cake swirled with chocolate, filled with a cinnamon cream cheese.

Rocky Road cake:  Chocolate cake with rocky road filling. (contains nuts, unless otherwise requested)

Black Forest cake:  Chocolate cake with french vanilla cream, chocolate ganache and cherries.

Classic Carrot cake:  Moist carrot cake with a light and fluffy cream cheese filling.

Fanasty Fruit-filled cake:  Fluffy white cake filled with your choice of berry and a white chocolate cream.

Candy Cane cake:  White chocolate cake with candy cane chunks, filled with a whipped peppermint cream. (seasonal)


Chocolate is

Tradition in celebrating life's great events

Celebrate it Sweetly!